IB Career

There are many pathways open to you in investment banking including:

  • corporate finance (acquisition, merger, fundraising (private & public)
  • strategic advice (providing value added solutions)
  • structured finance (non-standard ways of raising money, through tailor-made securities)
  • project finance (large-scale business projects)
  • trading (buying or selling shares, bonds, currencies – FX), options, futures etc.)
  • equity, fixed income and currency research (examine the strength of listed companies and their future prospects)
  • sales (selling investment banking product to wholesale sophisticated investors)
  • derivatives (complex risk management product for clients)
  • private equity (growth capital)
  • venture capital (capital for new businesses).
  • Business analyst (focussed on a particular sector)

Investment Bankers need to acquire specialist knowledge and skills that allows them to critically analyse real-life investment banking agreements, regulations and legal structures, and execute, implement and monitor these transactions



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