IBIBS Policies & Procedures Register

Code Policies & Procedures
Next Review Date
PO001 IBIBS Course Structure Policy & Procedures March 2016
PO002 IBIBS Prerequisites Policy & Procedures March 2016
PO003 IBIBS Time Limits for Completion of Course Policy March 2016
PO004 IBIBS Overloading Policy March 2016
PO005 IBIBS Credit Transfer Policy March 2016
PO006 IBIBS Study Period Policy March 2016
PO007 IBIBS Class Structure Policy March 2016
PO008 IBIBS Timetable Policy March 2016
PO009 IBIBS Class Attendance Policy March 2016
PO010 IBIBS Code of Conduct March 2016
PO011 IBIBS Textbook & Learning Resource Policy March 2016
PO012 IBIBS Subject Evaluation Policy March 2016
PO013 IBIBS Exclusion Policy March 2016
PO014 IBIBS Plargiarism (Academic Integrity) Policy March 2016
PO015 IBIBS Student Card Policy March 2016
PO016 IBIBS Privacy and Personal Information Procedures March 2016
PO017 IBIBS Transcripts Policy March 2016
PO018 IBIBS Website Policy March 2016
PO019 IBIBS Fees and Charges Policy March 2016
PO020 IBIBS Refund Policy March 2016
PO021 IBIBS Course & Subject Withdrawal Policy March 2016
PO022 IBIBS Deferral or Leave of Absence Policy March 2016
PO023 IBIBS Assessment Submission Policy March 2016
PO024 IBIBS Extensions Policy March 2016
PO025 IBIBS Special Considerations Policy March 2016
PO026 IBIBS Examination Rules March 2016
PO027 IBIBS Grading Policy (see Student Assessment P&P) March 2016
PO028 IBIBS Did Not Sit Policy (see Student Assessment P&P) March 2016
PO029 IBIBS Failure Policy (see Student Assessment P&P) March 2016
PO030 IBIBS Considered Pass Policy (see Student Assessment P&P) March 2016
PO031 IBIBS Students at Risk Policy March 2016
PO032 IBIBS Discontinuation Policy March 2016
PO033 IBIBS Graduation Policy March 2016
PO034 IBIBS Scholarship Policy & Procedure
IBIBS Scholarly Activity Methodology
March 2016
PO035 IBIBS Student & Staff Consultative Policy March 2016
PO036 IBIBS Counselling Policy March 2016
PO037 IBIBS Academic Governance Policies March 2016
PO038 IBIBS Complaints Policy March 2016
PO039 IBIBS Enrolment Terms and Conditions March 2016
PO040 IBIBS Privacy & Personal Information Procedures
March 2016
PO041 IBIBS Student Selection & Admissions Policy and Procedure March 2016
PO042 Statement of Tution Assurance March 2016
PO043 Course Discontinuation Policy & Procedure March 2016
PO044 Academic Integrity & Honesty Policy & Procedure March 2016
PO046 Academic & Non Academic Grievance Handling Procedures March 2016
PO047  Student Progression & Exclusion Policy & Procedure March 2016
PO048 Academic Freedom & Free Intellectual Enquiry Policy March 2016
PO049 Student Support Framework March 2016
PO050 Credit for Prior Learning Policy and Procedure March 2016
PO051 Assesment and Results Procedures
March 2016
PO052 IBIBS Risk Assessment Matrix Plan March 2016
PO053 IBIBS-Quality Assurance and Risk Management Policy & Procedure March 2016
Course Design, Development & Evaluation Policy
March 2016
PO055 Student Assessment Policy March 2016
PO056 Graduation and Awards March 2016
PO057 Records Management & Security Procedure March 2016
PO058 Student Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures March 2016
PO059 Student Review Procedures March 2016
PO060 Facilities and Resources Review and Improvement March 2016




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