5.5 Quality Assurance Framework

Quality Assurance Framework Overview

Australian Investment Banking Association Limited (AIBA) endorses and evaluates the performance of IBIBS accredited programs.

Investment Banking Institute Business School Pty Ltd (“IBIBS”) has established a Quality Assurance Framework to assure the quality of its operations and its academic outcomes. 

Quality assurance refers to the planning, policies, attitudes, actions, and procedures necessary to ensure that quality is being maintained and enhanced [Woodhouse, D. (2009). Putting the ‘A’ into quality. Australian Universities Quality Agency, Melbourne].  It requires actions internal to IBIBS, but will also include the involvement of external bodies. 

It involves the governance of IBIBS;

    1. strategic and business planning including risk management;
    2. development and dissemination of policies and procedures;
    3. course design and evaluation;
    4. systems of review involving the collection and use of feedback from stakeholders;
    5. the collation and analysis of statistical data (metrics);
    6. moderation of assessment and benchmarking activity.

With reference to the Higher Education Standards Framework [Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education, 1 December 2011] (which has been developed based on the National Protocols and National Guidelines for Higher Education Approval Processes) and examples of best practice in the non-self-accrediting higher education sector.

IBIBS has designed this quality assurance framework to provide a robust and coordinated approach to quality assurance which embraces “all of institution” in order to foster a continuous quality improvement approach that is integrated into IBIBS’s strategic planning and risk management methodology and clearly aligned to IBIBS’s strategic and operational objectives.

The cornerstone of IBIBS’s quality assurance framework is the integrated system of operational and academic governance outlined in its Governance Charter.

IBIBS Governance Charter

The Governance Charter provides a solid foundation for management and oversight of IBIBS through a series of interlinking boards and committees (“governance bodies”) that include the

    1. Academic Board
    2. Executive Management Committee
    3. Course Advisory Committee
    4. Teaching and Learning Committee
    5. Board of Directors

with specific responsibilities and terms of reference.  Membership of each governance body is designed to provide a basis for informed and independent advice at all levels of IBIBS’s operations, both corporate and academic.

The corporate governing body (Board of Directors) puts in place the necessary delegations (see Delegation Schedule) to effectively govern the academic aspects of IBIBS as well as facilitating the smooth day-to-day operations of IBIBS by senior management

AIBA Framework

Australian Investment Banking Association Limited (AIBA) endorses and evaluates the performance of IBIBS accredited programs.

AIBA represents specialists that deliver investment banking advisory services in Australia.

AIBA members subscribe to our Code of Conduct to ensure quality ethical and fiduciary values permeate to a client’s best interests.

AIBA members are benchmarked against industry best practice in terms of objectivity, independence and integrity.

AIBA key priority is the quality assurance and continuous improvement of our member’s investment banking advisory services.

All members are required to update their knowledge and skills to current industry developments.

Contact AIBA if you require further information This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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“Investment Banking advisory services value add globally to support the foundations of economic development by allowing business and careers to develop”

“AIBA represents the interests of members whose contributions value add in the sector through

  1. Maintaining Standards,
  2. Quality Systems
  3. Corporate Governance and ethics
  4. Risk management practices”









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