5.2 Teaching and Learning

Thoughts on Learning

IBIBS is focused on investment banking advisory education through the implementation of experiential learning framework. IBIBS’s learning framework distinguishes academic learning from experiential learning and the value added benefit it provides graduates.

Graduates acquire the skills needed to:

  • apply theoretical concepts,
  • critically analysis of real-life investment banking documents & structures, and
  • execute, implement and monitor these transactions

Next Generation Learning

“Next generation models keep track of the students’ learning progress with periodic (often daily) assessments. These might take the form of a brief quiz at the end of class or, as models develop, diagnostics which are fully integrated into core learning activities.”

Excellence and innovation

Our academic excellence of our staff and students is a core aspect that characterises IBIBS.

Support for academic staff

Our Centre for Scholarly Activity provides a wide range of support for IBIBS Teaching staff.

Curriculum and teaching resources

A range of resources on topics including assessment, graduate qualities and work-integrated learning are available for teaching staff.

Teaching quality

IBIBS has an unwavering commitment to valuing quality in teaching. A range of mechanisms and programs are in place to support this commitment.

Educational technology

Nearly all ICT tools can be used in some way for teaching and learning.

Peer Evaluation

IBIBS policy on Evaluation, Monitoring and Review of Academic Programs and Teaching includes a requirement for teaching staff to undergo regular peer evaluation of their teaching.

Mandatory Induction Programs for Academic Staff

This half-day academic orientation workshop is designed to welcome and support all members of academic staff new to IBIBS. In order to ensure that you are well prepared for your new role, all new members of academic staff are expected to attend this workshop. It also features a welcome to IBIBS by the College Director and presentations by the Dean.



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