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Study at IBIBS

3. Alumni

Upon graduation, students automatically become a member of the IBIBS Alumni Society. Alumni is a Latin word, simply meaning “former students” or “graduates”. Alumni will receive quarterly newsletters which will keep them up to date with what their former classmates are doing, with career opportunities and industry news, and with upcoming IBIBS events. There is an Alumni page on the website, and being a member is a great way to stay in touch.

Personal development and networking events

Continuing after graduation IBIBS will deliver a range of professional development programs along with leading Associations in the Investment Banking sector. Graduates will benefit from a wide range of personal development modules and specialist transactional programs as part of our graduate competency framework.

Whilst valuing technical skills, IBIBS recognises that developing your personal skills is also important. You will have the opportunity to develop self-awareness, confidence and the strong interpersonal skills required to deliver consistently strong performance in this demanding environment. Your training will include workshops, seminars and online learning modules. 

You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in a series of cross-functional social and networking events. These will enable to you to further build your networks within the Bank and give you exposure to senior managers from around our diverse businesses.  

Ongoing development

After graduating from  IBIBS and taking up your full-time IBIBS Internship you will continue to access a wide range of development opportunities on the programme and benefit from on-the-job technical coaching.

IBIBS is committed to early and rapid development and you will be given as much responsibility as we feel you can handle, and the opportunity to develop as fast as your ambitions allow. Alongside this informal training you will continue to benefit from specialised business-specific development delivered by our experts via internal seminars – including global seminars delivered by IBIBS.

In addition, some business areas have their own channels for enhancing your knowledge and sharing best practice.

Development Centre

We view learning as an ongoing process – one that will continue well beyond your graduate programme. Our fully interactive Investment Banking Development Centre at the end of your programme will provide you with detailed feedback on your strengths and areas of development via a personal development plan that will support your career moving forwards. It will help you to place the right emphasis on key skills and behaviours as your career in Investment Banking progresses.