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Attending your graduation ceremony can be one of the most exhilarating parts of earning your qualification. Graduation is a public acknowledgement of your achievement, and you will be surrounded and supported by fellow graduates, friends, family and the local community. Once you have completed your course and are eligible to graduate, the Graduations Office will send you an offer for a place in a ceremony.

Passing Course Requirements

How do I know if I have completed all the requirements for my degree, diploma or certificate?

Firstly, you can access your results on my.portal.

Secondly, an official Academic Transcript will be issued to you when you have completed your course, free of charge. 

Your academic transcript will give a Completion and Conferral Summary that outlines:

    The name of the degree attained,

    the completion date,

    the conferral date (if you graduated),

    any Majors

    Overall Honours grade if applicable

Until your faculty certifies the completion of your course, this information will not appear on your academic transcript in the completion and conferral summary.

Please follow the steps below if some of your results are missing:

Step 1 Wait until Monday 15 July (ie. the first working day after all results have been released) and check your results again.

Step 2 If results are still missing, check your University email account to see if you have a message from the academic department about the missing result.

Step 3 Contact the academic department about the missing result only after Steps 1 and 2 above have been completed.

Receiving your Results

Will I receive notice of my semester results in the mail?

IBIBS will publish results online. To obtain your recent results log into my.portal and click on the Student admin tab. 

Upon completion of your course you will receive a copy of your Academic Transcript, free of charge, in the mail.

You may also order and purchase an Academic Transcript (or other academic statement) online at the IBIBS website.

Accessing Results

How can I access my results?

A.  Current Students:

You can access your results via my.portal.  Click on the 'exams & results'. Finally click on 'View my recent results'. For currently enrolled students, you may request a Results Statement at any time via my.portal and you will receive this by email sent direct to your student email account.  Please note that a Results Statement is an unofficial record of results.  The official record of your results is an Academic Transcript.

For Semester 1, 2013 final results will be available from 5pm Friday 12 July.

Student Centre staff will be available to speak to you about your academic status from Monday 15 July.

An academic transcript is issued to you when you complete your course, at no charge.

B.  Past Students:

Academic statements including transcripts may be ordered online at any time at this IBIBS website.

Result Release Date

When will all of my results for my subjects be available?

Summer Semester

These is no set result release date for Summer Semester, January or February subjects, due to the varying natures of the timetables of these subjects.  If you have not yet received your results and you have not been awarded special assessment (as a result of, for example, Special Consideration), please contact your Subject Coordinator or your Student Centre.

Results for non-Semester One or Two subjects are usually released two weeks after assessment.

The contact details for your Subject Coordinator can be found on the subject page of the Handbook.

Semester One, 2014

All results will normally be published by 5pm on the 12th of July (unless you have been awarded Special Assessment). Some results may become available prior to this date on a subject-by-subject basis but will not be considered final until the evening of the12th.

Missing Results

Some of my results are missing.  What should I do?

In most cases all of your Semester 1 2014 results will have been available from close of business (COB) Friday 12 July via my.portal. Before this date, some of your results may have been missing because results are released progressively.

Step 1:  Wait until Monday 15 July.

Step 2:  If results are still missing, check your University email account to see if you have a message from the academic department about the missing result.

Step 3:  Contact the academic department about the missing result if you have received no email contact.