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There is a lot to love about Melbourne - just ask the locals. This sophisticated world city in the south-east corner of mainland Australia inspires a deep passion in those who live here.

Melbourne is very much about lifestyle. It is no huge surprise to residents that theircity has been ranked as one of the world’s most liveable cities.

Melbournians love the city’s vibrant energy, restaurants, fashion boutiques, caféfilled lane ways, cool bars, unbeatable galleries, spacious parks and village-like inner suburbs, each with its own special character. Melbourne is less than  200 years old and never sits still. Modern, cutting-edge designs add to the fascinating mix of heritage architecture and ensure the skyline is constantly changing.

Sometimes, the best part of visiting a new city is when you depart from the tourist trail. While the big attractions can be great fun, often it’s the more subtle “insider” experiences that leave you feeling really satisfied.


  • Premises in the heart of the CBD
  • Fully equipped computer labs
  • Resource centre
  • All class rooms are spacious and air conditioned
  • Highly rated facilities

Melbourne’s Weather

Melbourne enjoys a temperate climate, with its seasons distinctly defined.

Average daily temperatures:

Spring    (Sept - Nov): 12 -  22°C
Summer (Dec - Feb):   28 -  32°C
Autumn  (Mar - May):  12 -  20°C
Winter    (Jun - Aug):  10 -  15°C

Average annual rainfall is  650 millimetres (half of Sydney’s) but falls mainly during the winter and spring period. Summer storms are common. Frost and even snow is possible during winter periods.

Melbourne weather can be variable, especially during spring and autumn. Expect warm and cool, rainy and dry, windy and calm all in one day during these times.


Melbourne Homestay


Living with a local family or resident is the recommended option, if you do not have any friends or family in Australia. It is a great way for younger international students to immerse themselves in Australian life, and benefit from the safety and supervision of adults. Meals are usually included in the cost, but self-catering Homestay is sometimes available. Single or shared rooms are available.

Student Hostels

There are many privately run student hostels located near IBIBS. Facilities vary from hostel to hostel. However, most can provide furnished or unfurnished, single or shared rooms, and provide access to communal lounge, kitchen, bathroom, and laundry. Some hostels also offer meals. Prices of these types of accommodation can vary dramatically depending on location, time of the year, and availability, and generally includes water, gas and electricity.

Costs of renting a place vary depending on the location, the type of property and the number of people sharing. Most rental properties are not furnished and do not include meals, so you will need to consider additional costs such as buying furniture, telephone connection, gas, water, electricity, and food.

For information on rental accommodation, please visit www.realestate.com.au or www.domain.com.au.



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