Skills Pathway Program

During Orientation the IBIBS Skills Pathway Program (SPP) is mandatory for all undergraduate students. To ensure students are familiar   SPP covers the area of conduct that constitutes plagiarism extensively.  SPP classes are for new students extensively covers correct referencing techniques and avoiding plagiarism.

The Academic Integrity & Honesty Policy is available from the IBIBS website under the current student section and is contained in a condensed format in your IBIBS Student Diary provided to students at orientation. SPP covers areas that assist students in developing information literacy, utilising our support services and being comfortable within the IBIBS community.  All new students are required to complete the IBIBS SPP as a compulsory commencing subject during orientation.

SPP covers the following areas:

  1. Researching Library resources
  2. Utilising online databases
  3. Essay Planning and Writing Academically
  4. Careers in Financial Services, Corporate Finance and Investment Banking
  5. IBIBS Policies and Procedures
  6. Resume Preparation
  7. Interview Skills
  8. Turnitin Software
  9. Referencing – Blue Book Style Guide
  10. Time Management
  11. Note Taking
  12. Reading Skills
  13. Style Guide
  14. Public Speaking and presentation skills
  15. Health and Nutrition and
  16. Access to Counselling.

IBIBS has composed the IBIBS Style Guide  that is available under the  Current Student Section of the IBIBS website.  The IBIBS Style Guide explains in detail how to acknowledge the source of ideas used in written submissions appropriately and correctly as well as other forms of assessments. All Students should spend the time to study the IBIBS Style Guide at all times when writing assignments so as to avoid unintentional academic misconduct.


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