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Study at IBIBS

IBIBS Career Guidance System

Our Career Guidance System is a self-assessment tool that allows you to understand their current competencies, and identify areas for development.   

You simply :

  1. define your goal - consider short and long-term career goals
  2. assess current competencies - undertake the self-assessment
  3. determine pathway - the IBIBS career guide suggests areas for development and relevant learner resources
  4. acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes - work towards acquiring these and practical experience required

When you've completed your self-assessment a quick snapshot of current competencies is provided and the career guide suggests relevant IBIBS knowledge resources to help you plan and work towards your desired career goals.

Our Career Guidance System is designed to assist you to identify and acquire broad business-based investment banking competencies needed to succeed in today's business environment, based on a framework of our core knowledge areas - technical, business, leadership and personal effectiveness.

Our system also helps employers build relationships with current and prospective employees, and improve skill and knowledge attributes to contribute towards better business value outcome.

All IBIBS Bachelor of Investment Banking graduates secure an Internship within the industry. This internship forms a central element of your career development.