2.1 Bachelor of Investment Banking



 What do Investment Bankers do?

Investment Bankers Deliver Strategic Advice

Delivering strategic advice means having the skills and knowledge to undertake powerful analysis of a wide range of information to provide clear and actionable recommendations as to what course of action a client should undertake. 

Strategic advice helps a client make informed decisions about their future. Strategic advice from an Investment Banker is based on the specialist knowledge and skills of the Investment Banking industry.

Our Bachelor of Investment Banking delivers you the knowledge skills to deliver strategic advice. Some of the ways in which a Investment Banker can deliver strategic advice are described as follows.

  1. Exploiting the economic model
    • Focus on maximizing the revenue and/or minimizing the expenses of a client
    • Adjusting and improving consumption patterns
    • Enhancing actions that provide a value add
  2. Understanding client’s risk profile and behaviour
    • Identifying a client’s risk profile
    • Explaining the rules to investing
    • Creating a pattern of behaviour
  3. Anticipating and adjusting future cash flows
    • What typical cash flows occur versus the client’ wants and need
    • Frequency, amount, flexibility and capacity to adjust
    • Financial modeling (sensitivity analysis)
  4. Designing regulatory strategiesAchieving strategic insights from financial data
    • Identification of compliance sources or legislation gaps
    • Creating flexible structures to ensure risk, control,and succession planning issues are taken into consideration
  5. Achieving strategic insights from the analysis of
    • Financial data
    • Industry relationships
  6. Testing innovation propositions




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