Transferring to a course after first year

You may apply to gain entry to a course at second year level or higher. If the course is available to commencing students, you should apply in the standard manner, through VTAC.

If the course you wish to apply for is no longer available to commencing students you should contact IBIBS Student Centre to check if later year entry is possible and if so, what the application process is.

IBIBS is committed to significantly increasing the participation of students from diverse backgrounds and welcomes applications from mature aged students.

IBIBS recognises that not everybody who starts a Higher education degree comes straight from completing an Australian Year 12 qualification. There are a number of different ways to become eligible to enter a IBIBS degree, one of which may be suited to your circumstances:

I hope to study a degree after taking time away after Year 12

If you have completed an Australian Year 12 (or equivalent) in recent years but have taken some time off before applying for IBIBS courses, you can apply to IBIBS using your Year 12 results as the basis for your application.

  • Check out information about our standard IBIBS undergraduate application process to see what steps you need to take.

I hope to study a degree after taking at least seven years away from any kind of study

If you are over 23 years of age, haven't been studying at either Year 12 level or at a higher education institution or TAFE level for at least seven years and are an Australian or New Zealand citizen (or Australian permanent resident or holder of a permanent Humanitarian Visa) you may be eligible to apply for a IBIBS degree using our Non-school leaver entry pathway.

I hope to return to study a degree after taking time away from my current higher education or TAFE studies

If you commenced a degree at another higher education institution or TAFE after Year 12, you can follow the standard application process for undergraduate IBIBS courses and your entire academic record (including Year 12 results and your Grade Point Average) will be used as the basis for your application.


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