2.1.6 Academic Staff

Dean of Studies 

The Dean of Studies is responsible for overseeing the academic program and ensuring the maintenance of high quality programs by regularly monitoring teaching and assessment standards. The Dean is also responsible for issues relating to academic progress. 

College Director 

The College Director is responsible for all matters related to curriculum within IBIBS. The College Director works in conjunction with other members of the Executive Management Committee to ensure students and teaching staff receive the support and guidance required. 


The Registrar coordinates all Higher Education operations, including administration, admission, finance and library staff. The Registrar also ensures appropriate resources are available for students and staff, is responsible for drafting policies, and production and publication of all student information. 

Student Administration Staff 

The Student Administration staff are responsible for ensuring the efficient running of undergraduate programs and the maintenance of student records, both financial and academic. The Student Administration staff are responsible for maintaining attendance records, timetabling, organising examinations, coordinating the submission of assessment tasks and collating and disseminating results. The Student Administration Officer is also responsible for dealing with day to day administrative issues concerning students. 

Library Staff 

Library staff support the teaching, learning and research undertaken at IBIBS. The Librarian is responsible for reference assistance, collection development, and the Library pages of the IBIBS website. The library assistants are responsible for circulation, collection, and maintenance of the computerised library catalogue. 

(refer to www.ibibs.edu.au/library

Student Support Officer 

The Student Support/Field Placement Officer assists students with course and study related issues, housing, finance, personal issues and all aspects of career decision making including elective choices, placement opportunities, job hunting, resume writing and interview skills. The Student Support Officer also organises industry placements. 

Teaching Staff 

Teaching staff have all been employed for their recognised expertise in the field as well as their academic qualifications. They are keen to ensure every student is afforded the best possible opportunity to develop a realistic and worthwhile career. 

Teaching staff are responsible for subject content, writing lectures, assignment topics and exams, selecting textbooks for their subject, marking and otherwise assessing work. Teaching staff are also responsible for ensuring students are provided with constructive feedback on written work and meeting with students to discuss their work, academic progress and improvement strategies.


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