2.1.2 Major Areas of Study

IBIBS is not just a business school experience, it is a life experience. The intensity and the focus on investment banking disciplines from a strategic, transactional as well as academic perspective forges a very strong intellectual and social bond between classmates.
Our Bachelor of Investment Banking interweaves a number of distinct but interrelated areas of study that provide the learning outcomes that are unique in the undergraduate market.
These areas of study include
  • ·    Strategy
  • ·    Legal
  • ·    Finance
  • ·    Accounting
  • ·    Statistics
  • ·    Financial  modelling
  • ·    Investment banking disciplines

Knowledge Resource

Investment Bankers need to acquire specialist knowledge and skills that allows them to critically analyse real-life investment banking agreements, regulations and legal structures, and execute, implement and monitor these transactions.

This Investment Banking Knowledge Resource provides a detailed guide to the knowledge and skills required to become a successful Investment Banker.

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