ATAR Terms


The ATAR is an overall percentile ranking reflecting your comparative Year 12 achievement compared to the relevant age group in a given year. Your ATAR is developed from an aggregate of your VCE study scores after scaling. The aggregate is calculated by adding the scores of the primary four studies to a maximum of two available (and permissible) increments. To be eligible for an ATAR you need a minimum of four permissible scorable studies and have successfully completed the VCE. ATAR calculations are subject to the restrictions outlined in VICTER 2016.

VCE Study score

A score from 0–50, determined by the VCAA, which shows how you performed in a study relative to all other students doing that same study. It is based on your results in school assessments and examinations.


A VCE study score provides an indication of your relative performance in a particular study. Scaling adjusts for differences in abilities of students undertaking different studies, so that the scaled scores are comparable across different studies. It ensures that students are neither advantaged or disadvantaged on the basis of the studies they choose. All VCE study scores are scaled (see ABC of Scaling) by VTAC.

Restrictions on studies used in the ATAR calculation

Studies with similar emphasis or content may not be used in combination for the calculation of the ATAR. For a complete list of these restrictions, refer to VICTER 2016.

ATAR calculation

Primary four

The four studies that are counted first in the calculation of the ATAR. The primary four aggregate is made up of the scaled score in one of English, English (EAL), Literature or English Language added to the next best three permissible scaled scores.


An increment is 10% of any fifth and/or sixth permissible scaled score that is available. Increments are added to the primary four during the calculation of the ATAR.


The total produced by adding the primary four to a maximum of two available (and permissible) increments.


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