Admissions & Applications

Please read the IBIBS Entry Requirements Policy if

  1. you are applying and currently studying an Australian Y12 qualification or the IB

  2. you are not applying directly after completing a Year 12 qualification and applicants with many different academic backgrounds fit into this category

  3. you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident but you are studying overseas, you should refer to the entry standards for international students as a guide.

Undergraduate domestic applications

Starting at a new education institution can be daunting, but applying for a place shouldn't be. Here's a guide to help you through the application process at IBIBS.

Step 1 - Before you apply

Undergraduate domestic students

The first step is to figure out which course you want to study, and if you meet all of that course's entry requirements. At this stage, you should:

Check that you:

  • Satisfy the entry requirements for your course
  • Meet the English language requirements
  • Know what the fees are and what scholarships are available to help you meet them
  • Know what financial assistance is available to you while you study

Step 2 - How to apply

Undergraduate domestic students

Domestic students commencing in the first-year apply for undergraduate courses through the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC). Through VTAC, you can list up to 12 course preferences. You should list courses in your order of preference with the course of greatest interest listed first. Be sure that your application is finalised by the VTAC due dates.

Local students studying overseas

If you are a domestic student, you must submit your final results, when available, to VTAC. Normally, selection is based on original or certified copies of final academic results.

Transferring to a course after first year

You may apply to gain entry to a course at second year level or higher. If the course is available to commencing students, you should apply in the standard manner, through VTAC.

If the course you wish to apply for is no longer available to commencing students you should contact IBIBS Student Centre to check if later year entry is possible and if so, what the application process is.

Step 3 - After you apply - Accepting your offer

Undergraduate domestic students

At the start of the year

First Round offers from IBIBS at the start of the year will be available from the VTAC MyInfo site from 7.30pm by the end of January 2014. Shortly following this you will receive information from the University detailing how to accept your offer and begin enrolling.

Further information will be published on the Future Students website about the offer period in January/February.

If your application is successful, you will receive an offer letter with instructions of how to accept your offer online.

If you’ve just received your offer and you want to go do that now, we’ll wait! Instructions of how to enrol online are also available at the IBIBS website.

Defer your offer

I received an offer but I’m not ready to start studying now, can I defer?

It’s possible to defer your offer at the start of the year.

Step 4 - Preparing for study

Once you've accepted your offer to study at IBIBS, you shall want to start planning your IBIBS experience.

Preparing yourself for study isn't just about choosing your subjects and buying your textbooks. Here are some other things you'll want to look into including

  • Accommodation
  • Enrolment and orientation
  • Leadership and Volunteering
  • Student Support Services
  • Sports clubs
  • Student Discounts
  • Student Cards
  • Work opportunity.

If you do not have any recent qualifications to use as a basis for your application to IBIBS, our non-school leaver entry pathway may provide you with an opportunity for entry into your chosen course.




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