2.6.1 Diploma of Commerce


The Diploma of Commerce aims to provide students with wide range of academic skills that will enable them to move successfully in to further study and then careers in the corporate finance field. The focus is on developing students’ basic understanding of important financial concepts such as fundamental of finance, accounting, financial planning, business law and marketing. In addition students will develop written and oral presentation skills as well as skills in research, report writing and critical analysis. The Diploma of Commerce is also an alternative pathway to IBIBS’s undergraduate studies. The Diploma provides a student with the foundation for further specific study in areas such as accounting, finance, business law, marketing and management.

Our Diploma of Commerce is an ideal foundation for a career in Investment Banking. It is a convenient exit point for students wishing to win entry level jobs in this industry. Students who receive the Diploma are also able to continue and complete the Associate Degree and the Bachelor of Investment Banking as they progress in their career.

Upon completion of the course, student will receive a recognised Higher Education Diploma, which can be used to pursue employment opportunities.

The knowledge and skills gained from the Diploma of Commerce can be applied in a wide range of careers in corporate finance within both public and private sectors.


  1. Investment Banking Fundamentals (INV101) 
  2. Financial Accounting (BUF102) 
  3. Contract Law (LAW101) 
  4. Economics for Investment Banking (BUF101) 
  5. Capital Market Investments (INV102) 
  6. Quantitative Methods for Investment Banking (BUF103) 
  7. Commercial Law (LAW102) 
  8. Financial Modelling for Investment Banking (INV104)
Students enrolled in the Diploma of Commerce are required to complete 8 core subjects that constitute the first year of the Bachelor of the Investment Banking. Refer to Diploma of Commerce Course Guide  





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