2.2 Why IBIBS?

IBIBS is a leader in the delivery of investment banking advisory education that integrates transactional learning with real business experience. 

IBIBS provides a vibrant learning environment in which students can discover, examine, and apply knowledge and wisdom in all disciplines of investment banking.

IBIBS has developed a highly practical, “hands-on”approach to undergraduate higher education to deliver the knowledge and skills required to provide strategic advice. You really get to experience and do what you learn.

IBIBS makes this happen by:

  • establishing strong links with professional organisations in the development of educational programs;
  • researching and participating in leading global initiatives and best practice;
  • engaging world-class practising professionals with strong teaching skills to participate in program delivery.

Investment Banking Advisory Pathway

finance advisory pathway

IBIBS Advantage

  • IBIBS courses are developed and reviewed extensively in consultation with industry leaders and senior academics to ensure the learning resources are always up-to-date, practical and relevant to the real business world.
  • Study skills coaching and individual tutoring are offered to all students.
  • Dedicated customer service. Our staffs are dedicated to providing you with the best possible service.
  • IBIBS class sizes are smaller than traditional universities. Face-to-face classes with a maximum of approximately 30 people ensure that each student is given adequate attention in a friendly, supportive environment.
  • IBIBS offers specialist service in job placement and training, including resume writing, interview techniques and working with the industry.
  • IBIBS students learn from some of the best lecturers in the industry. Our lecturers are passionate about teaching and easily accessible to all students.

Our Bachelor of Investment Banking is the only higher education undergraduate degree that is designed to deliver specific corporate finance and investment banking learning outcomes. It is ideal for individuals wanting to pursue professional careers in investment banking and related disciplines. Our three-year degree provides opportunities for employment and career development across a broad range of organisations and industry sectors.

Graduates of the Bachelor of Investment Banking will attain an integrated body of knowledge, principles and concepts in all disciplines of Investment Banking. They will acquire highly sought after practical transactional business skills required to shape a rewarding professional career. 

For further information regarding IBIBS please refer to the Student Prospectus.



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